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Hi, I am Bianca. I am a bodybuilding athlete and also a Personal Coach. I compete in bodybuilding competitions and love training and coaching others! I model for fun but also... more
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about Bia



I am Bianca.
I am a bodybuilding athlete and also a Personal Coach.
I compete in bodybuilding competitions and love training and coaching others!

I model for fun but also professionally- I enjoy it a lot and have more than average experience due to my competitions that require a lot of posing practice.

I love to show my body off- I train a lot and I am proud to show my results.
I am also a licensed Personal Coach for training and nutrition ( I coach normal people that want a better, healthier life but also athletes that participate in competitions).

Creative and unique ideas are also always open!

I love to experiment with different scenes, ideas and concepts!


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  • Hello Bia! What a beautiful portfolio!! It would be amazing to be able to do some work together :)

    • thank you so much! Would love to! maybe one day

  • Thanks for the add to your gallery - and your portfolio is impressive!

  • Beautiful Seduction embraced by ART

  • Your photos are Mesmerizing, Powerfully Emotive, and Immeasurably Beautiful!! I Really Love and Admire Your Work, You have a new follower!!

    • Thank you so much !! highly appreciate it!

    • Aww... The Pleasure is Entirely Mine, You are Most Welcome BIA!!! Your work left me speechless, you are Incredibly Talented and your work is Absolutely Gorgeous!! It's a shame you're so far away, it would be an Honour & Privilege to create with You!

  • Really love the strength, the confidence, and the daring of your work, absolutely magnetic!

    • thank you!! I love modeling a can express so much

  • Amazing thighs. If you someday visit the Raleigh, NC area, I will shoot you . Sehr schön.

    • Thank you! I would love to visit such a far away place - have never been

  • Hallo Bianca, Sehr schöne Ergebnisse in deinem Portfolio. Auch deine Herangehensweise an die Fotografie gefällt mir sehr gut. Emotion ist ein wichtiges Element bei der Erstellung eines Bildes. Wenn sich die Gelegenheit ergibt, würde ich mich über eine Zusammenarbeit auf jeden Fall freuen. Grtz, Jos.

    • Hi Jos

      sehr vielen Dank! much appreciate your compliments!
      würde mich freuen wenn wir zusammenarbeiten können

  • beautiful model, it was an immense pleasure to create a painting with your amazing body

  • You have an outstanding collection of work here Bia, very impressive.
    I hope I get the opportunity to work with you in the future.
    Kind regards,

  • What an amazing body of work you have in your portfolio. If only South Africa and Germany were neighbors, would have loved to work with you. Keep up the great work, looking forward to your future work!

    • Thank you so much! your work is really impressive- would have loved to collaborate!

  • Dear Bia, I reviewed your portfolio, and chose several for my favorites gallery. Your work has multiple moods and facets, wonderful! In some you are classical sculpture, in others a boldness, a triumphant and dangerous strength, mystery, sensuality, and softness. Quite an accomplishment! Your body is your artistic creation. Congratulations, stay safe and be well, Stephen

    • Thank you so much for your words!
      My photos do reflect the state of my mind and spirit at the time of the shooting.

      The atmosphere, music and photographer together with the feelings I go through that day influence a lot of what my photos show.

      You also stay safe and well!
      Thank you again!

  • Hi Bia, excellent portfolio.

    • thank you so much! glad you like it!

  • Welcome to Model Society. We're loving your portfolio, beautiful work! So excited to see what else you create here within the community :) We're here to help if you need anything along the way.

    • Hello
      thank you so much for the message!
      I love the work I see here!
      This is an amazing community ❤️