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****NOW BOOKING**** *2019 TRAVEL: Texas, Colorado, Pennsylvania, New York, Boston, Washington DC (No city listed means I will be traveling throughout the state) My name is... more
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Aurora Red



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about Aurora Red


*2019 TRAVEL: Texas, Colorado, Pennsylvania, New York, Boston, Washington DC
(No city listed means I will be traveling throughout the state)

My name is Hannah, I am a full time freelance model based out of Denver, Colorado.

To live is to create, and I've created a life that I love--making art. My goal in modeling is to be able to express myself and tell my viewers stories without saying a single word. For my whole life, I've always wanted to involve myself in a career where I would never stop growing and I would continue to learn new things each day; photo art does exactly that for me. My passion to explore new things about myself and this world can truly only be fathomed through the art that I create and that is what I've always tried to figure out how to convey. Being a model is so much more than posing in front of a camera, it is showing the world that you have means of perspective that can be communicated through art. I want to make thought eliciting content for my viewers so that they can see my story, rather than hear it.

Austin: 5/18-19
San Antonio: 5/20-21
Corpus Christi: 5/22-24
Houston: 5/25-27
Dallas: 5/28-6/2
Albuquerque: 6/5-6
Colorado: 6/7-15
Cincinnati: 6/21-22
Pittsburgh: 6/23-24
Philadelphia: 6/24-7/5
DC & Baltimore: 7/5-9
Harrisburg: 7/9-10
Ithaca: 7/11-16
Boston & Providence: 7/17-21
NYC: 7/22-31


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  • J.T. Michaels Photographer J.T. Michaels
    3 weeks ago

    You do the most beautiful work!!! Huge fan!


    • Bmorrisphoto Photographer Bmorrisphoto
      3 weeks ago

      If You come to LA look me up!

      • Art Desnudo Photographer Art Desnudo
        last month

        Hello Aurora. I love your portfolio!

        • CraigSJ Photographer CraigSJ
          last month

          Hi Hannah, thank you so much for enjoying my work. Do let me know, when you will be traveling into the San Francisco Bay Area next, it would be great to collaborate with you : ) - Craig

          • TFA Photography Photographer TFA Photography
            last month

            Thank you for following. Your portfolio is full of beautiful and inspiring art

            • Mattman Artist Mattman
              last month

              Very beautiful profile Hannah!

              • I love your work. Imagery like yours makes living in this world a lot easier. Thank you so much for sharing your art with the world!

                • ClinePhoto Photographer ClinePhoto
                  last month

                  Thanks for the follow. You have an inspiring body of work here!

                  • StudioVi2 Photographer StudioVi2
                    3 months ago

                    Thank you for following our work. It makes us proud.

                    • Thanks for following my work. Nice portfolio and beautiful images.

                      • PhotoRP Photographer PhotoRP
                        4 months ago

                        A trip to Canada Maybe when you are heading New York state???? Toronto

                        • Aurora Red Model Aurora Red
                          4 months ago

                          I will actually be heading up do Toronto, could you send me your email? :)

                        • PhotoRP Photographer PhotoRP
                          4 months ago


                      • Adero Photographer Adero
                        5 months ago

                        Thanks for following me, Hannah! You've got some wonderful work in your portfolio

                        • Aurora Red Model Aurora Red
                          4 months ago

                          Likewise! Hopefully I'll get to Massachusetts soon, I've always wanted to go there!

                      • sballance Photographer sballance
                        6 months ago

                        I appreciate your interest in my work....

                        • Rfenn Photography Photographer Rfenn Photography
                          6 months ago

                          Let's shoot when you come to my part of the golden state

                          • Town Crier Photos Photographer Town Crier Photos
                            7 months ago

                            Thanks for following, great port.

                            • Aurora Red Model Aurora Red
                              4 months ago

                              Thank you and likewise! I hope to get to London soon, let me know if you ever need a model for any projects :)

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