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Hi & Welcome to my profile and I'm Miss Anna. email: or dropp an PM here :) I'm a Swedish... more
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Anna Johansson



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Anna Johansson

about Anna Johansson


Hi & Welcome to my profile and I'm Miss Anna.
email: or dropp an PM here :)

I'm a Swedish professional freelance Model based in Stockholm and I've been doing modeling professionally since 2008 and my speciality is Nude, but Im very flexible covering all styles from Fashion to Erotic and I regularly working across all Europe. I am completely natural, well educated, polite, driven and have a friendly and bubbly personality. Modelling is a huge passion of mine! I love anything cool fresh and creative! I am very flexible and put heaps of thought and effort into ideas and images we create together.

I'm very versatile and consider myself an all round model in that I can take on many styles and looks and I have the ability to give the photographer what he/she is aiming for & in good time. I'm a super easy Model to work with and I prefer my shoots to be fun and laid back but never losing that professional attitude. I'm very comfortable in my own body and know it very well in terms the angles that work for it (and not!)

It doesn't matter to me how experienced you are, passion is more important. I treat every single assessment with exactly the same level of commitment and dedication, I love working with amateurs just as much as professionals.
contact me for more information.

I also have Workshops in nude and erotic, both private and in groups in studio and on locations. I have access to a fully equipped studio in Stockholm but I'm flexible and I can come to you if you have the equipment.
see more about my workshops at:

I´m also a educated makeup artist so I can manage my own styling and makeup. Moreover, Im also a photographer, so are you a beginner and wants help in lighting or tips and ideas I stand gladly helpful :)

I have my fully equipped studio in the centre of Stockholm.

•I always wear loose clothing which will not mark my body before a shoot
•I have a trimmedclady garden
• size 32-34 or 6-8
•NO tattoos
•NO body piecing's
•NO body modifications
•NO fake tan
•I take very good care of my skin, hair, nails teeth etc.
•I'm very reliable and will always arrive on time and ready to shoot
•I'm happy to be booked with other models for artistic figure work, fashion or soft glamour
•I'm happy to travel with either by car, train or flight across the World
•Travel expenses must be covered
•I'm happy to work with both professionals and hobbyists
•I can pose myself and take direction well
•I have a valid EU passport
•I update my calendar and profile regularly

I´m looking forward to hear from you :)


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  • Your photos are Captivating, Evocative, Edgy, and Beautiful Beyond Imagination!! Your Portfolio is Amazing, I Really Love Your Work, You have a follower!!

  • I have been following your work on Viemo for some time. Good to see you here as well.

  • Really enjoyed your paintings.

  • Clearly a very special model of exceptional talent!.