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I am a model & artist. I have been modeling for over 8 years now with experience in print, runway, music videos, film productions, TV, stage, body art, figure drawing classes, portrait... more
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Angela René Roberts



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about Angela René Roberts


I am a model & artist. I have been modeling for over 8 years now with experience in print, runway, music videos, film productions, TV, stage, body art, figure drawing classes, portrait painting classes, and photography workshops. I've also enjoyed modeling for rope bondage, neon wax, and electrical fetish demos and workshops. I'm very dedicated to any endeavor I committ to. I enjoy working with other kind hardworking people in the arts.

Many more photos of me here:

PREGNANCY UPDATE: Due date is December 25th 2017. Yes I am modeling throughout my pregnancy and I expect to be fit, nimble, capable, and no less athletic!

Art Model + Bodypainter
(Updates See Below)

Travel Dates
✈Miami, FL
Sept. 14th - 19th (Postponed-weather)
✈Dallas, TX:
Sept. 25th - 29th
✈Greensboro, NC:
Oct. 13th - 15th
✈Jonesborough, TN:
Oct. 16th - 18th
✈Gaithersburg, MD:
Oct. 24th - 30th
Nov. 2nd - 16th
✈San Antonio, TX
Nov. 17th - 19th
Nov 21st - Dec...


Some Experiences and Publications
**Please Visit for descriptions, videos, links, and pictures.**

-RAW 8th Birthday Success Stories: Angela Rene Roberts
-Lovelierie: Getting To Know Angela Rene Roberts
-New York Post: Painters make their art come alive in ‘Skin Wars’

**New York City Times Square Billboard**
-Magazine: OK! (Front Cover)
-Magazine: STAR (Front Cover)
-Magazine: Make-up Artist (Wedding Announcement LAA)
-Magazine: Cosmopolitan (Nov. 2016- "Fun Fearless Celebs" Section) *My bodypaints*
-Romance Novel: "Take if Off" by Terri Ley
-Calendar: With photographer George Butch 2016
-Calendar: A Year with Angela by Gordon Denman 2012

Film/TV/Music Video
-Reality TV: Game Show Networks "Skin Wars" by Sony Pictures- Contestant Season 1
-Film: SAMO Jonathan Isaac Jackson-Bartender- Speaking Role
-Film: Chick Flick by Toby Elder- "Ebony"- Swimming Underwater
-Commercial: Courtesy Breaux Bridge- Dancer
-Commercial: Unitech Training Academy Baton Rouge- Speaking Role
-Muisc Video by Randy Darbonne- Model
-Music Video: (What is "in", What is "out") Jonathan Isaac Jackson- Nude Model
-Music Video: “Under a Spell” by Black Feratu)- MUA & Model

-Runway: Hair Runway Show with Weaven Steven (Modeling dress from Americas Next Top Model Cycle 14)
-Runway: Living Art America Body Paint Competition. (Atlanta, GA)
-Workshop: NINPAH 2016
-Seminar: Southern Exposure with Lindsay Adler
-Workshop: The Black Tape Project with Joel Alvarez in Dallas, TX
-Seminar: Professional Photographers of Louisiana Spring Seminar
-Workshop: Cully Firmin Photography & Production Studio Lighting
-Workshop: Living Art America Body Paint with Lili Hopman-(Netherlands)
-Workshop: Lafete Zombie SFX with -Georgette Pressler(West Palm Beach, Florida)
& Jay Bautista-(New York City)
-Event: New York Bodypainting Day 2016
-Event: International Bikini Model Search (Cancun, Mexico) *Model & Body Painter

Figure Drawing/ Other Art Classes:
-Blue Easel Club Portrait Class (Teacher: Carol Peebles)
-New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts (Teacher: Carol Peebles)
-University of Louisiana at Lafayette
-Xavier University New Orleans, Louisiana
-Drawing Class with Instructor Kaye Jeansonne
-Drawing Class With Instructor Sandra Brushell
-Painting Class at Lafayette Arts Association
-Several Private figure drawing classes for individual artists.
*Includes 4-hour session for Blue Easel Club + Lafayette Drawing Group

Body Painters
-Leroy Roper & Tiffany Diamond (Dallas, Texas)
-Craig Tracy (New Orleans, Louisiana)
-Robin Barcus Slonina (Las Vegas, Nevada)
-Pashur (Los Angeles, California)
-Scott Fray-(Fenton, Michigan)
-Madelyn Greco-(Erie, Pennsylvania)
-Ren Allen (Fairbanks, Alaska)
-Georgette Pressler (West Palm Beach, Florida)
-Jay Bautista-(New York City)
-Isabella Porredon (Ft. Lauderdale, Florida)
-Cassidy Burgos (Tallahassee, Florida)
-Avi Ram-( Tel Aviv, Israel)
-Lili Hopman-(Netherlands)
-Revonne Carter-(Raleigh, North Carolina)
-Tiffany Becklar-(Rock Hill, South Carolina)
-Ish Peralta (New York City)
-Tiffany David-(Bradenton, Florida)
-Katie Hunt-(Brantford, Ontario)
-Hector Lopez (New York City)
-Megan Thomas (Canada)
-Julie Fusilier-(Baton Rouge, Louisiana)
*Longest application 12 hours

Promotional Modeling:
-At Fantasy Fest for (Key West, Florida)
-Lafayette Car show
-Barneys Angels Competition: Barney's Police Supplies
-Bridal Magazine Promo for Legacy photography


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  • Thanks for your follow and I really enjoy seeing your modeling and body painting art.