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I'm a Maryland native, who is part Russian and part Brazilian. Everything about me–my face, my body–is real. I'm very talkative, especially about issues I'm passionate about. As a... more
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Anastasia Green



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about Anastasia Green


I'm a Maryland native, who is part Russian and part Brazilian. Everything about me–my face, my body–is real. I'm very talkative, especially about issues I'm passionate about.

As a dedicated, professional, and versatile freelance model since late 2012, I am mainly passionate about photography and art forms (drawing, painting, sculpture) that take an imaginative and creative approach to capturing the beauty of the feminine form. However, I still enjoy glam and fashion tremendously.

A little something about me: I’m a writer, mainly about film and the role it plays in feminism (I'm in the process of literally dusting off my writings and getting them published (It's time to start using my major - Film and Journalism. Moreover, I've been published countless times, but only paid twice for my writing and I'd like to be paid more for doing what I love). Also, I've noticed that a lot of you cringe when it comes to writing your bios on here and on other social media platforms and in life in general. Let me use my expertise to help you. My rates are very affordable. Promise :) I also evaluate websites and their content in their beta phase before they're launched for a public audience - most importantly - for prospective clients. Again, my rates are very reasonable; am a total pop culture and film fanatic; am a total goofball, who doesn't take myself too seriously (I have a lot fun with my own awkwardness and love making the people around me laugh); and am a former ballerina, jazz, and tap dancer.

**Being that this is one of my main sources of income (what I base my bills, livelihood, etc. around), I can only afford to accept paid work. My rates are already very reasonable and are subject to negotiation in certain circumstances.**

**I have worked with both male and female models and am open to sophisticated erotica (e.g. Playboy-style nudes, in which the action is implied and leaves most of it up to the viewer's imagination). In both cases, I will need to understand your vision and plan prior to committing. I like to push the creative envelope, but I do have my boundaries. Here's what I don't do: gynecological shots, touching my nether regions, masturbation, implied masturbation, posing with photographers, public nudity and exhibitionism with others clearly around (kids, grandparents, parents, etc.) at places that you clearly shouldn't be and aren't permitted to be nude at (historical sites and/or a retirement community that people clearly reside at), medium to heavy bondage (e.g. nipple clamps, ropework, and kneeling. I have a high pain threshold that is unable to dictate how long all of the aforementioned factors are for too long and it ends up cutting off my circulation way too much, I get dizzy and lightheaded, and it's somewhat to pretty painful. I don't want to be an unhappy model that ends up passing out on you. Thanks for your understanding with all of this), and nude shoots in the cold (anything below 60 degrees).**

I'm looking forward to creative amazing art with all of you awesome, likeminded individuals!!


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  • Great stuff Ana!, I'll bet you are a lot of fun as well... Keep cranking them out.

  • So glad to see you here. Your portfolio is stunning and I am proud to be associated with you.

  • Dear Ms. Green - Please know that I am fully delighted that you have chosen to follow my work. - David Verzi, The Warren Communications

  • Renaissance woman. Writer. model, storyteller. It is all storytelling, isn' it? You are setting the bar high.

  • Beautiful work. Quite stunning and amazing. Keep up the great work!

  • VERY nice Portfolio !

  • An exceptional portfolio from an exceptional model!

  • Someday, i'm sure we will get together up here

  • Wonderful work!

  • So nice to see results of our work together! Let's do more soon?

  • Hi Ana, thanks for the follow. My American geography is rubbish, so I'll have to break out the atlas!


  • Allen,
    Great to see a fellow writer on here.

    I've always enjoyed following your work. It's pretty splendid stuff! :)


  • Ana,

    You hooked me with the Russian part, since I'm married to one. I've followed your work for some time - Model Society seems to be a more civilized place.


  • Thanks for Following Ana and welcome. Your in a good art making area with some great workers both photographers and models.