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Due to COVID, I'm only accepting outdoor, clothed shoots and/or painting/drawing sessions in unseasonably warm weather at places that are an hour or less each way to and from me.... more
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Anastasia Green



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about Anastasia Green


Due to COVID, I'm only accepting outdoor, clothed shoots and/or painting/drawing sessions in unseasonably warm weather at places that are an hour or less each way to and from me. Thanks for your patience and understanding. We'll get through this.

Only accepting paid work. For the fastest response, please e-mail me directly at anagreenmodel(at) and inquire for rates. I can assure you that I'm a very nice person, I promise! :) I'm also writing more these days and accept shorter/short pieces of writing projects to edit, reword, fix grammatical errors of, etc.

I'm a Maryland native, who is part Russian and part Brazilian. Everything about me–my face, my body–is real. I'm very talkative, especially about issues I'm passionate about. Also, I started drawing and scribbling on any and everything that wasn't nailed down from the age of 2 on up into my early 20s. I wasn't Picasso, but I was actually pretty damn good or great - depending on who you talked to.

As a dedicated, professional, and versatile freelance model since late 2012, I am mainly passionate about photography and art forms (drawing, painting, sculpture) that take an imaginative and creative approach to capturing the beauty of the feminine form. However, I still enjoy glam and fashion tremendously.

I’m also a total pop culture and film fanatic and self-proclaimed goofball, who doesn't take myself too seriously (I have a lot fun with my own awkwardness and love making the people around me laugh); and am a former ballerina, jazz, and tap dancer.

Where I travel to other than MD: DC, VA, PA, NJ, NY, DE, CT, and NC.

The "yes!" stuff:
* Inspiring you and you inspiring me
* Clear communication
* A positive, upbeat, and enthusiastic attitude
* The Ballerina Project. I hop and leap and dance around, clothed, and with or without others around, under safe circumstances (Carefree, "the music is in me" is what we're going for - not scared as hell)
* Dark, moody, and/or thought-provoking images, which can be therapeutic, and push me to be unattractive
* Cinematic, storytelling images
* Anything else awesome that you'd like to share or think I might like
* Collaborations for troupers, in which a lot of walking, sunscreen, and OFF! are involved

The "no!" stuff:
* Gynecological shots, masturbation, implied masturbation, spreads, insertions of any kind, posing with photographers, foot fetish/tickling, tickling, damsel in distress, medium to heavy bondage, any kind of content for adult sites and/or adult membership sites, etc.
* Public nudity and exhibitionism at places you shouldn't be nude at and with others clearly around (kids, parents, grandparents, residents, etc.)
* Nude shoots in the cold (anything below 60 degrees)

You're human. I'm human. Life happens and interferes. People get sick. I get it. The sooner you contact me to reschedule, the better. It keeps money in your pocket and helps me maintain a reasonable hourly fee that facilitates in repeat collaborations - which are some of the best collaborations and some of my favorites.

I don't want to date you - no matter how amazing you are. I'm very happily involved with a spectacular man, who I'm very lucky to have and plan on spending the rest of my life with.

I'm looking forward to creative amazing art with all of you fantastic, likeminded individuals!!


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  • Great stuff Ana!, I'll bet you are a lot of fun as well... Keep cranking them out.

  • So glad to see you here. Your portfolio is stunning and I am proud to be associated with you.

  • Dear Ms. Green - Please know that I am fully delighted that you have chosen to follow my work. - David Verzi, The Warren Communications

  • Beautiful work. Quite stunning and amazing. Keep up the great work!

  • VERY nice Portfolio !

  • An exceptional portfolio from an exceptional model!

  • Someday, i'm sure we will get together up here

  • Wonderful work!

  • Hi Anastasia - If you ever get up to New England drop me a line and perhaps we could work together.

  • So nice to see results of our work together! Let's do more soon?

  • Hi Ana, thanks for the follow. My American geography is rubbish, so I'll have to break out the atlas!


  • Allen,
    Great to see a fellow writer on here.

    I've always enjoyed following your work. It's pretty splendid stuff! :)


  • Ana,

    You hooked me with the Russian part, since I'm married to one. I've followed your work for some time - Model Society seems to be a more civilized place.


  • Thanks for Following Ana and welcome. Your in a good art making area with some great workers both photographers and models.