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^^^ Read my blog post "Nude Form and Sexuality - the Paradox" !! ^^^ Want to know when I'm coming to your city?! I offer Private... more
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Allie Summers



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about Allie Summers


^^^ Read my blog post "Nude Form and Sexuality - the Paradox" !! ^^^

Want to know when I'm coming to your city?!

I offer Private 1-on-1 Instructional All Inclusive Workshops for Beginners

I have NO TATTOOS, no silicone, and natural long red hair.

✈✈✈ TRAVEL ✈✈✈

TOURING UNTIL 09/01/2019

June 7-9: David Moser's Pool Shootout
June 10-11: Houston, TX
June 12-13: Austin, TX
June 14-15: Dallas, TX
June 16: Little Rock, AR
June 17: Memphis, TN
June 18: Birmingham, AL
June 19: Huntsville, AL
June 20-21: Nashville, TN
June 22-23: Charlotte, NC
June 24-25: Raleigh, NC
June 26: Asheville, NC
June 27: Knoxville, TN
June 28-29: Chattanooga, TN
June 30-July 1: Atlanta, GA

July 7-8: Las Vegas, NV
July 8-10: Salt Lake City, UT
July 10-12: San Francisco, CA
July 13-18: Oahu, Hawaii
July 19-20: Seattle, WA
July 21-22: Alaska
July 23-24: Phoenix, AZ
July 25-27: Los Angeles, CA

Aug 8-12: Hedonism, Jamaica


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  • NKozis Artist Nick Kozis
    3 months ago

    No problem,
    The blog is a good read.
    Im glad you enjoyed the paintings.
    Let me know if you want to collaborate.

    • Bill Lemon Photographer Bill Lemon
      4 months ago

      Great Look !

    • Bill Lemon Photographer Bill Lemon
      4 months ago

      Great Look !

      • NKozis Artist Nick Kozis
        4 months ago

        Great work. I also enjoyed reading your blog (nude art form and sexuality, paradox). I would love to collaborate sometime.
        Thanks for inspiring art.
        Nick Kozis

      • dennis keim Photographer dennis keim
        4 months ago

        The Beauty of Innocence, the seduction of sensuality and the passion of eroticism - Such an Amazing combination of talent and beauty!

      • Ray H Photographer Ray H
        4 months ago

        enchanting poise and creativity .

      • JW53 Photographer JW53
        5 months ago

        Lovely work

      • bwwphotography Photographer bwwphotography
        5 months ago

        Beautiful portfolio. If you come to the Boston area look me up.

      • Herbert HLI Photographer Herbert HLI
        5 months ago

        Great portfolio!
        I love your work!

      • An outstanding portfolio of evocative and engaging grace and beauty.

        • Philip Turner Photographer Philip Turner
          6 months ago

          Thanks for the kind comment. Just followed you as well. Beautiful fine art figure work. Nice to discover your work too!

        • Kris Photographer Kris
          9 months ago

          Excellent work!

        • Dwayne Martin Photographer Dwayne Martin
          9 months ago

          Thanks Allie, I’ve been a fan for a long time!

        • freddie mcphoto Photographer freddie mcphoto
          9 months ago

          Thanks for following me! i am making it my business to continue to push the creative envelope!

        • Christopher Ryan Photographer Christopher Ryan
          9 months ago

          Thank you Allie, I luv your portfolio also. Beautiful hair, eyes, figure, and lovely posing.

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