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*THE BLURB VERSION: -- I am an experienced nude/art model, in the process of relocating from Boston to southern California. I traveled actively, as a full-time freelance model for... more
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Alexandra Vincent



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Alexandra Vincent

about Alexandra Vincent


-- I am an experienced nude/art model, in the process of relocating from Boston to southern California. I traveled actively, as a full-time freelance model for individual sessions and photo workshops, for most of my 20s. I will be available for shoots on the west coast, as well as out of region travel, beginning the second week of November, 2018.

-- What I bring to a shoot:
1. Experience, passion and fearlessness.
2. Ability to work in challenging locations
3. Physical strength and flexibility
4. Comfortable posing with other models
5. Comfortable in workshop settings and groups

-- Photos have been at the center of who I am, and what I do, for many years. The pursuit of beautiful imagery has largely been my life's work and passion. My work primarily focuses on the figural arts and glamour genres - which I live and breathe. I will consider some, limited fetish work, if it appeals to me conceptually and aesthetically. I am physically flexible, strong, as well as comfortable and experienced posing with other models in a figure arts context. I have posed for long days for workshops in the desert heat, in cold knee-deep water in October in upstate NY, and naked in the snow. I have worked in abandoned buildings, amid broken glass and fallen beams. I have been suspended from a railroad bridge, and from a second story balcony over a busy intersection. I've driven 300 miles, overnight, to make a sunrise shoot in a different city. I've flown across the country multiple times to work with photographers I'd only spoken to briefly on the phone. I love location work, full days spent creating - and I love people who value what I bring to the table as a model.

-- At this point in my career, I rarely shoot trade. Maybe 3-4 times per year. My rates are standard for my level of experience, my skill set and the fearlessness I bring to my work. I offer hourly bookings with a two hour minimum, and discounts for those seeking half-days. My rates are deeply discounted for individuals who schedule a full day. And, unlike some models, I am comfortable in workshop and group settings. Want to organize a location shoot with me, while another shooter friend tags along for the day? Great! I love working within your budget and figuring out what works for everyone!

-- There are a few things I will trade for. They include hosting when I am traveling (yes, I have hosting references) and airfare in exchange for a full day shoot.

Well...that's my story and I'm stickin' to it.


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  • Such a wonderful body of work. I am inspired.

  • Should you ever find yourself in Mass again, I know someone who would like to work with you

    (you guessed it, it's me. I would like to work with you)

  • Great to see new work from you. It's inspiring to visit your profile again.

  • Thanks!, your a great model but its that smile I'd focus on.....good luck!

  • So nice to finally meet on this site after all these years...