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Pantheresque Figure | Wild and Tame | Nomadic model @tigglebe_z *Boudoir* *Bodyscape* *Fitness* *Artistic Nude* *Versatility* - French/Italian academic by trade who boxed... more
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Alexandra Littaye



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about Alexandra Littaye


Pantheresque Figure | Wild and Tame | Nomadic model


*Artistic Nude*

- French/Italian academic by trade who boxed semi-professionally for a decade.
- Toned body & sculpted back.
- "Classic" figure with curves as well as muscles!

Nomadic model who started shooting after a friend asked to shoot with me outdoors in Mexico. I did not expect to enjoy the work so much but it taps directly into my creative and wild side. As everything, I take modelling professionally: I'm always on time, behave professionally and expect the same from teams I work with.

I work hard to always give an authentic and raw touch to what I do. If you are creative, passionate, enjoy exploring themes, and are professional (please cancel in advance and pay on time!) get in touch!

You can also contact me directly on any time.



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  • Aliocha Merker Photographer Aliocha Merker
    last month


    • paulwardphoto Photographer paulwardphoto
      3 months ago

      Welcome . You're off to a great start!

      • Mykel Photographer Mykel
        4 months ago

        Highly creative & artistic portfolio.

        • Philip Turner Photographer Philip Turner
          5 months ago

          Wow, you really span the genre's and the era's. I would say you're really timeless. Looks like you could do anything you set your mind to. Thanks too, for the add to your favorites.

        • AJ Kahn Photographer AJ Kahn
          5 months ago

          I love your work here, Alexandra! I especially enjoy your comments on the various themes presented. It's helpful to view your work with the intended context. Bravo!

          • I try to share what went through the shoot when I can! it's hard to translate what you are asked of into the picture, but when it works, it's magic. x

        • Tony Aldridge Photographer Tony Aldridge
          5 months ago

          Thanks for the follow.

        • ullrphoto Photographer ullrphoto
          5 months ago

          There is great distance of time in your work showing the confidence of your soul

        • Wonderful work! Welcome aboard and let us know if we can help with anything.

          • Thank you for your kind words. I'm just starting to be honest (and looking to work nomadically for the next several years). Any tips, at all, would be welcome! Thank you x

        • Thomas Sauerwein Photographer Thomas Sauerwein
          5 months ago

          Perfect fit for here! good luck.

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