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I teach realistic painting on Patreon and in my studio in Sweden. Follow the links above for more info. more
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Johannes Wessmark



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Johannes Wessmark

about Johannes Wessmark


I teach realistic painting on Patreon and in my studio in Sweden. Follow the links above for more info.


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  • Top notch quality and highly inspiring art.

  • Outstanding work. If I ever win lotto I will commission you to paint one of my images.

  • Such a stunning portfolio. Really beautiful work!

  • Unbelievable these are paintings. Stunnign work of yours. Besides the technical perfection I also like the selection of scenes (Models, Light, Environment). Congrats. Very good!
    Warm regards, Jürgen

  • Johannes -

    I see you've selected two additional photos from my portfolio. Lina, the model for both photos is a pleasant and conscientious model If you have an opportunity to photograph her I think it would be a wonderful experience for you.


    Neill Jacobson

  • Johannes -

    Thank you for including my photo of Crystal in your Favorites gallery. I truly appreciate when one of my photos is recognized in the community.

    Thanks again,

    Neil Jacobson

  • Great imagery - love the work.

  • Your works are outstanding! Absolutely love them!

  • These are paintings? Holy cow! Amazing.

  • Just incredible work, and I have added several to my own favorites - "Works of Art" gallery. You paint the female form so well. I was stunned by the detail in the hair in "Emmy resting." If I were still in the museum business I would push to get you a show. But I'm afraid in this puritanical climate we live in that possibility is dim for the world of fine are at the moment. But I am so glad your work shines the way it does, kudos!

    • Hi Philip. Thank you so much for your nice words! I really appreciate it. The fine details that makes the final touch is really something I enjoy to paint. It takes a lot of time but when you sit there by the easle and painting a beautiful woman, the time flyes :)
      Thanks again!