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I WILL BE AWAY FROM MODEL SOCIETY FOR JULY, but feel free to contact me at my email below if you wish. ***A NOTE ABOUT INSTAGRAM*** At this time I only use it to comment on... more
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about The Artist's Eyes


I WILL BE AWAY FROM MODEL SOCIETY FOR JULY, but feel free to contact me at my email below if you wish.

At this time I only use it to comment on people's work, not to post.

"So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them" (Genesis 1:27).

"Art is medicine for my heart.
The Bible is medicine for my mind.
Gospel music is medicine for my soul.
Nature is medicine for my spirit.
Medicine is medicine for my body."
- Yours truly

My goal with my art is very simple: I seek to create beauty out of beauty. To me, there is nothing on this earth more beautiful, more lovely or more artistically inspiring than a woman, and I want to make art that communicates how much I love, cherish and adore women in all their mystery, glory and wonder (normally I'd express it in words, but, as I learned a long time ago, art expresses what words can't).

I now have the chance to tell all of you amazing artists how much your work moves me and inspires me to not only be a better artist, but a better person. I only hope my work will touch my fellow artists the same way their work has so deeply touched me. Thank you all!

I am a 30-year-old non-professional yet highly passionate, mostly self-taught, and sometimes enormously ambitious artist and aspiring novelist based near Seattle, Washington. I create graphite pencil/charcoal drawings of the female form and occasionally write poetry that comes to me as I draw. One day I'd love to have a three-part collaboration between myself, a photographer and a model: three art forms joining forces to make something incredible.

I have been drawing my whole life, yet before discovering Model Society in early 2016 I had never focused on the figure in my work. That discovery was a turning point in my artistic life. After seeing so many profoundly beautiful images of the female figure - some that almost moved me to tears - I thought to myself, "If I can make just one image that makes another person feel the way I feel right now, I'll count myself blessed." I have been pursuing that challenge ever since.

That about sums it up. In the meantime, keep creating, keep loving and keep making this world a better place with your creations.

P.S. I want to thank various Model Society photographers and models who granted me permission to use their imagery for inspiration in the early days of my figure drawing. May you all have great success in your artistic journeys!

Feel free to contact me at I always respond in a timely manner.


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  • Lechat Photographer Lechat
    last week

    Thank you very much.
    Nice work you do.

    • Mauvais Model Mauvais
      last week

      Thank you!

      • Gibson Photographer Gibson
        2 weeks ago

        nice work, and thank you for your kind comment...

        • milchuk Photographer milchuk
          2 weeks ago

          Thank you so much for the kind comments on my work!

          • KayakDude Photographer KayakDude
            2 weeks ago

            Thank you for the comments.

            • Inner Essence Model Inner Essence
              2 weeks ago

              There is a soft, personal connection and narrative to your art, what a pleasure to embrace. I look forward to following your journey xo

            • Tess Model Tess
              3 weeks ago

              thank you for your kind words . Your work is beautiful. I drop you a line when i m back to the states .

            • Neil Jacobson Photographer Neil Jacobson
              last month

              The Artist's Eyes -

              Thank you for your comment on "Nearly Perfect." Melancholic is one of my favorite models. She' is a classic beauty.

            • sballance Photographer sballance
              last month

              I appreciated your thoughts on my work... I really like the delicacy of the tones in your work...having taught in an art department, your work is similar to what we showed students to get them to realize what great drawing is....

            • JeffLaMarche Model JeffLaMarche
              last month

              These are fantastic artworks. Always amazing to me what some people can accomplish with nothing more than a pencil, piece of charcoal, or digital tablet.

            • ragnar Photographer ragnar
              last month

              your work is stunning and very peaceful

              • Redwood Curtain Photographer Redwood Curtain
                last month

                Thanks for the add!

                • milchuk Photographer milchuk
                  last month

                  Thank you so much for adding some of my images to one of your galleries. I am honoured!

                  • milchuk Photographer milchuk
                    last month

                    Thank you so much for all the wonderful comments about my images! It is greatly appreciated!

                    • Philip Turner Photographer Philip Turner
                      last month

                      Really great new stuff. Thanks too, for the add of many images to your curated gallery.

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