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Sebastien FreeZone


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about Sebastien FreeZone


Nude model for artist, photographer and art classes


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  •  Risen Phoenix
    last week

    Thanks for listing me in your wonderful gallery

  •  Leo J Arbeznik
    last week

    Thanks for adding another one of my images!...

  •  Leo J Arbeznik
    2 weeks ago

    Thanks for the kind words and add to your gallery!

  • Thank you very much for adding a recently posted image from the "Mimsey" series of our "Nude? Naturally!" portfolio to your "Favorites" gallery. .

  •  ChelseaJo
    last month

    Creative work style! Keep up the great work!

  •  Johnny's Eye
    2 months ago

    interesting concept.

  •  Inner Essence
    5 months ago

    So wonderful to experience the unabashedly beauty of the male human form within your images, stunning portfolio. I look forward to following your journey xo

  •  Jyves
    6 months ago

    Merci de votre passage sur ma page et pour vos commentaires. J'aime l'utilisation du flou qui est faite dans votre travail.

  •  WarrenCommunications
    6 months ago

    Thank you very much for your kind comment regarding my recently posted "Nude? Naturally! Around the House" image featuring "Mimsey".

  •  Elki
    6 months ago

    Thanks for stopping by my port and leaving the thoughtful comments. Much appreciated. Stunning port you have. Best of luck.

  •  Visual Delights
    last year

    Merci pour votre commentaire sur une de mes photos.

  • Thanks for viewing my port. You have a strong presence.

  • Thanks for viewing my port. You have a strong presence.

  •  Jyves
    last year

    Merci pour la visite et d'avoir choisi une de mes photos pour ajouter à vos favoris

  • Hi Friends, I am a male model from Paris. Love !

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