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  • Thanks agin Model Society for your continued support . Amazing gallery of art.

  • Thank You for showcasing "The Dancer" in your Gallery. Most Appreciated.

  • Thank you very much for giving me the honor to be included in your collection with my 'Making Light'

  • Thank you for adding my art to your gallery!

  • Thanks so much for including a painting of my model, A. Rose, and a self portrait!

  • Thank you for adding my image

  • Thank you for adding my mother's sculpture to this gallery!

  • Thanks again Model Society for all the incredible showcase of talent and your continued support of my work.

  • Thank you again for encouraging the role of sculpture and for appreciating work that goes beyond the regular concept of beauty.

  • Thank you very much for giving me the honor to be included in your amazing collection with two of my artworks!

  • Great gallery and glad to know it's here. I love the artistic side of imaging. Thanks for the add.

  • Thank you for including several of my paintings into your gallery. Much appreciated.

  • Thank you for appreciating the role a spontanious watercolour can play in capturing the subtleties of the nude

  • Thank you for encouraging the role of sculpture.

  • Thank you for including my image with all these these powerful works!

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