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Black and White Portraits and Nudes by Scott Kuckler

By on March 12, 2013

Scott Kuckler creates nude art photography that has a unique sense of warmth. His beautiful black and white portraits and nudes almost feel like classic figure studies rendered in very soft charcoal. Scott works with models who are passionate about to producing incredibly honest and heartfelt art. He describes himself as “An oblique, felinophile, heretic with a penchant for alternative and analog photographic processes.”

Nude Art model Ananda Rosen and Photographer Scott Kuckler

In this classic black and nude art series by Scott Kuckler, Ananda Rosen appears to be completely present and totally unguarded. Her eyes seem to sparkle with humor and light. Scott Shared a few thoughts about his creative collaboration with Ananda.

“She is extremely comfortable with herself and her body and exudes a positive energy that makes working with her a wonderful experience.”

“Her expressions range from innocence to timelessness to ethereal. She is very engaged with the creative process of being photographed and brings much more than just her physical presence to the photographic session.”

Scott Kuckler, Model Society Magazine cover artist

Scott’s photography portfolio is full of black and white nude art that has a remarkable feeling of depth and intimacy. Although the body lanage of his models is often carefully posed, the images always occur as natural and authentic portraits. Be sure to check out the rest of this beautiful body of work. Look for his Model Mayhem page or visit his images right here at Model Society.

You can see more of Scott’s images at his tumbler page here:

See the Cheshire Scott / Scott Kuckler portfolio right here at Model Society.

Also see his images in the video: Naked Authenticity -  Nude art model Ananda Rosen reveals her naked humanity



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