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Artist’s statement Photography is understood in innumerable ways. It might be considered primarily a tool used in professional work such as photojournalism, the fashion industry,... more
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Artist’s statement

Photography is understood in innumerable ways. It might be considered primarily a tool used in professional work such as photojournalism, the fashion industry, event work, or advertising. Some might consider it a diversion or a hobby. Others perceive photography foremost as an art, and that view is the one I hold.

No matter what I photograph, whether it be nature, an object, or a person, my attention and purpose rest, as appropriate, upon matters of symbol, narrative, or expression in my photographs. I invite the viewer to ask, “What is different about the art subject portrayed in this photograph from the real subject that it is outside the photograph?” Or, to give another example, “What is this person expressing through this photograph that might not be expressed otherwise in real life?” “How is this figure as a photograph evocative beyond what it is or might be in an extra-artistic context?” These are among the questions and the curiosity that guide my art.

Photography is an adventure of discovery and exploration of human sensibility, and I want to share that adventure with my subjects through photographs. Where do we want to go, what do we want to see, what do we want to disclose? What do we fear, hope, love? To consider these questions, or to pose new ones, come with me. Let us walk through the art space of photography together.


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  •  Excelsior
    4 days ago

    It is a pleasure to discover this richly rewarding port. It quite beautiful and inspirational.

  • Beautiful work!! Thank you so much for the wonderful comments ❤️

  •  Lisa Everhart
    2 weeks ago

    Good morning and thank you for the gallery addition and comments. I hope you had a good holiday season. My fella was up your way to go to our stepsons graduation from Navy basic last month and he said it was very cold.

  •  Eric Frazer
    2 weeks ago

    Thank you for supporting my work.

  •  humon photography
    2 weeks ago

    New Year's greetings!
    Terrific port. Keep capturing/sharing amazing pixels. Thanks for the adds to your galleries.

  •  Visuals
    last month

    Beautiful work. I see you're from Chicago. If you ever want to collaborate on a shoot, let me know. I'd love to work with you.

  •  Shaun M. Niles
    last month

    Many thanks for the comments on some of my photos Axiaelitrix

  • Dropping by to express my gratitude and say thank you for supporting my works along the journey of exposing your marvelous works. Super flattered to be recognized. Thank you.

  •  daxwax
    last month

    LOVE your work

  •  Spyro Zarifopoulos
    2 months ago

    Very lovely images...

  •  ImageThatPhotography
    3 months ago

    Thanks so much for including one of my images in your gallery! Best, Fon

  •  Symesey
    3 months ago

    Thank you for adding some of my work to your gallery, your recognition of my work is greatly appreciated

  •  Fushigii
    3 months ago

    Thanks for the comment on my image

  •  Lisa Everhart
    4 months ago

    You were very nice to me today.

  • Thank you so much for taking the time to include me in such a fine collection of works with some fascinating muses and photographers. Your works are without any exaggeration of the word... "Beautiful".

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