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Lisa's Favorite Picks Too.

A gallery curated by Lisa Everhart

331 photos | 1097 views | 24 Comments

This is a continuation of my first Gallery of my favorite images based on my personal taste and preferences.


  •  Shaun M. Niles
    7 hours ago

    Hi Lisa - I know I'm late with this but I wanted to thank you. Including one of my images in your gallery is quite a compliment to me.

  •  TShaw
    1 days ago

    Than you so much for adding my photo to this beautiful gallery.

  • Hi Lisa
    Many thanks for the recent additions of my work. I very much appreciate having some images in this marvellous gallery! Best Wishes Paul :-)

  •  Neil Jacobson
    last week

    Hi Lisa -

    I want to let you know how pleased I am to hav my photo "Geology" included in your gallery. Thanks a ton.


  •  dvan
    last month

    Thank you Lisa I love you

  •  CalidaVision
    last month

    Fabulous gallery Lisa! Thank you for the honor of allowing some of my work to be a part of this collection of beauty and celebration of the human form.

  •  Lily Herne
    last month

    You're the best.

  • Many thanks Lisa - it's wonderful to have another of my images in this beautiful gallery! :-)

  •  Neil Jacobson
    2 months ago

    Lisa -

    I see you also included Beauty and the Boardwalk in you gallery. I appreciate you considering the photo to be included.

    Thank you,


  •  Robert Lee Bernard
    2 months ago

    I thank-you for using my image!

  •  JW53
    2 months ago

    Thank you for selecting one of my images for your Gallery

  •  Bill Hughes
    2 months ago

    Thank you for adding Bianc Outdoors to your gallery.

  • What an epic collection of marvelous works from so many fascinating creatives. I am sincerely beside myself that my works are amongst so many visionaries and artist telling open stories and cultivating emotions in so many avenues of expressiveness. And you being a phenomenal muse reflects works as inspiration. What a keen eye you have and thank you for collecting pieces of me and the other muses I have collaborated with. Looking forward to meeting you in the flesh.

  •  Kurostills
    2 months ago

    Thank you again Lisa for selection one of my works. 😊😊

  •  LeoReinfeld
    3 months ago

    After checking your entire selection I am honored to be included in your gallery, thanks!

24 results
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