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I am a simple girl with a humble life in the little town of Sebring, Florida. I am not so much and like it this way. I have never had a desire for fame or fortune really. Though I have... more
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Lisa Everhart


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about Lisa Everhart


I am a simple girl with a humble life in the little town of Sebring, Florida. I am not so much and like it this way. I have never had a desire for fame or fortune really. Though I have tasted both, my experience is that they come and go for no discernible reasons. Give me a bag of Cheetos, an endless pot of coffee and some streaming roller derby and I am a happy camper. I tend to stay drink, drug and drama free and have been with the same man for 18 years. I work at a skilled nursing facility and enjoy trying to make the residents there feel happy and still relevant as much as I can.

Modeling has allowed me to stay involved in the arts community, meet wonderful new friends and supplement my income a little. I am prompt and professional and try my hardest to deliver the shot that the photographer is looking for. I am very fun and easy going, but at the same time I expect a professional approach from those that I work with, and even though I do this part time, I am only interested in working with enthusiastic and serious minded individuals.

I add an image each day and normally will have my schedule for the following month posted by the 20th. Check back often for updates.

I am a full time nursing student and have a full time job in healthcare as well, so I am only interested in shooting three or four days a month at most. I will, however, take extended time off for assignments that require travel in and outside the US.

January Schedule

Sunday January 8th (Closed)
Sunday January 15th (Booked)
Sunday January 22nd (Booked)
Sunday January 29th (Available)

February Schedule

Friday February 3rd (Booked)
Sunday February 5th (Available)
Sunday February 12th (Available)
Sunday February 19th (Available)
Sunday February 26th (Available)

These are the only dates that I am not in school for 2017 and can arrange to travel for more than 3 days. March 22-29th and June 20th-July 2nd. I do not have class on Fri. Sat. or Sun. and can take off work those days always for shorter trips or one day assignments.


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  •  Carney Malone
    1 days ago

    Your work brings a shaft of light to a dark January morning.

  •  Tony Aldridge
    3 days ago

    Oh, and I have a feeling 2017 will be our year to work together. Probably like June maybe. :)

  •  Tony Aldridge
    3 days ago

    Thanks much Lisa!!!

  • A very good start to the year thank you Lisa, and looking forward to some completely new challenges in 2017! :-) Hope your year has started as you hope too! Very best wishes Paul

  •  Inner Essence
    last week

    Good Morning Beautiful xo Thank you for your sweet note, general kid chaos as of late it seems! Escaping to MS for moments of beauty and inspiration whenever possible. Embrace the wonders of your day Lisa xoxo

  •  Kurostills
    2 weeks ago

    Had a great Xmas and New Year Thanks. Hope your was enjoyable as well. M:))

  •  Carney Malone
    2 weeks ago

    Don't you ever sleep?
    Be that as it may, thank-you for the kindness you have shown my latest posting.

  •  humon photography
    2 weeks ago

    Terrific port Lisa! Thanks for sharing your compositions. And thanks for visiting/commenting my port.

    2 weeks ago

    I love the profile that you've provided here. I hope to meet you some day - you seem like a really awesome person! Happy 2017

  •  Kurostills
    3 weeks ago

    Thank you again for adding my image and for the kind comment. Cheers. M:-))

  •  Johnny's Eye
    last month

    love your work and thanks for the listing.

  •  J. Welborn
    last month

    Thanks for the gallery additions and comments :)

  •  Neil Jacobson
    last month

    Lisa -

    I'm thrilled that you like the photo "Gazing Afar." The natural light conspired with you to allow me to make a natural image. It was the right time, the right place and a lovely model for it to come together. Still there will be more.


  • I love your work!

  •  SteveLease
    last month

    Thanks for your comment on the photo of Amanda. (The photo was inspired by Amanda and Joyce Tenneson.)

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