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Faith is a passionate, enthusiastic and professional fine art/nude model. Blessed with a natural toned athletic physique, very energetic with a rich skin tone. With a unique ability to... more
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Faith Obae


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about Faith Obae


Faith is a passionate, enthusiastic and professional fine art/nude model. Blessed with a natural toned athletic physique, very energetic with a rich skin tone. With a unique ability to create images showing strength, grace and elegance with a more surreal feel.

Full time professional model now based in Paris France and happy to travel around Europe for shoots. Very confident, love to have a laugh, very laid back, fun and easy to work with.

Work in levels of Fashion, Commercial, Beauty, Lingerie, Fitness, Glamour up to Art nude(art/figure nude, bodyscapes, lifestyle...).

Paris based but willing to take on modelling assignments outside France but travel expenses will have to be covered. I have a valid international passport and happy to travel for modelling assignments.

As much as I am good with posing without directions, I like to communicate and listen to photographers or whoever I might be working with to know what they want and hope to achieve and put in 110% to achieving the best result.

As a full time model it brings great joy to me knowing my clients are happy and get more than they expected to achieve.

Very flexible with shoot ideas with an itching feeling to beating client's expectations and producing excellent result.

This is what I live for to inspire, create something artistic and different.

Physically fit with a very toned physique and a luminescence skin tone that requires little or no retouching.

Comfortable working with group of photographers, love challenges,very energetic so you will definitely find me jumping around during a shoot and very rest assured I will strive to beat you at whatever is thrown my way.

I am mostly described as a chameleon or a trouper as I tend to go with the flow and can be whatever character is thrown my way and very fluid with poses without needing much directions.

So please feel free to contact me if interested in creating art with me.

I am very flexible and accommodating, love to try new ideas no matter how crazy it is as long as it is not life threatening.

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  •  Mandrake Zp | MDK
    2 months ago

    ... much appreciated for yours words ... you're fabulous as well .. best regards !...

  •  Raemond
    2 months ago

    Wonderful and inspiring work...let me know when you are in switzerland one day ;-)

  •  Mondo
    last year


  • Love your energy!
    Beautiful Portfolio!!
    Let me know if you pass by Montreal, Canada...

  •  Adero
    2 years ago

    You've got some killer work! Quite good at what you do

  •  Tony Aldridge
    3 years ago

    Very Nice Work

  •  David Bollt
    3 years ago

    What a pleasure it's been to watch your work grow and evolve over the past many months.

  •  Art Silva
    3 years ago

    Absolutely Beautiful portfolio and work.
    It would be a real honor to work with you one day.
    All the best,

  •  LifeModelSteve
    3 years ago

    Great port, would love to collaborate. Shame I left England!

  •  LUZ
    3 years ago

    You are beautiful, with such elegant posing. Great work, Faith!

  •  Mila
    3 years ago

    You are simply fantastic! You should come to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

  •  carincharlotte
    3 years ago

    Faith, so many amazing photos.
    Love the one in b&w standing up with a see-through fabric on your arms. Just stunning!!!!

  •  CalidaVision
    3 years ago

    Faith...Your work is inspiring as you bring such beauty and grace to the female form and spirit. I look forward to following your work!

  •  MSlygh
    3 years ago

    Excellent work. MLS

  • I just spent some time looking over your images. Beautiful work! Dynamic, athletic and bold. I'm glad you are with us.

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